Philips Sonicare AirFloss Dentist Testimonial

By | January 24, 2014

In this video dental professional describes benefits of using the Philips oral irrigator.

Here is the transcript of the testimonial.

My name is Sally Goss, and and I’m a dental hygienist. I work in private dental practice. What I’m trying to get my patience to do is to change their behavior.

It differs from the otherĀ  things that are available for us to teach to patients to clean in between the teeth. If I give them something complicated I cannot be surprised when they don’t want to use it every day.

My teeth felt beautifully clean after using the AirFloss because it allowed me to get to the very back teeth which are really the hardest ones to get to. I found I got there so easily and my mouth fell really really clean when I used it.

I liked the handle because it fitted really well into my hand. I didn’t feel it was flimsy, I felt I got a really good grip. I loved the tip because it was long enough to get to my back teeth without any effort whatsoever.

It couldn’t be more simple to use, and anyone can use it, even someone who isn’t dextrous can pick up the AirFloss, put it in the area between each teeth and use it. It is that simple. The minute you pick it up, the minute you switch it on, you know it means business.

To learn more about using the AirFloss watch this ‘how to’ video.