Oral B Pro 3000 vs Oral B Smart 3000 Electric Toothbrush Review & Comparison

By | June 5, 2024
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With the wide range of rechargeable electric toothbrushes in the market, it may be a little confusing what to get, especially if the budget is limited tight. That is why I decided to look into the Oral B Pro 3000 reviews and put together my own review.

There are several toothbrushes that offer over-the-top features, but of course, come with higher prices. But for the buyers who would rather only pay for the features that are used every day, then looking into Oral B Pro 3000 toothbrush can be a wise choice.

In October 2020 Oral B introduced the new version of Oral B 3000 rechargeable toothbrush – the Oral B Smart 3000 which will replace the old Oral B Pro 3000 model. At the moment there may be confusion because old and new models are available side by side. In my review below I will explain the differences between both toothbrushes and provide tips on how to distinguish between them.

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What Is Oral-B 3000?

This toothbrush offers features that you would need to be able to have cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Though it may come with just basic features, its cleaning abilities are far from being simple.

With its advanced cleaning technology and rounded brush heads, it can whiten teeth in just two weeks and give you healthier gums in just a month by removing all plaques in between your teeth and gum line.

With much more consistent use, this toothbrush promises to improve the overall condition of your teeth. Is this the best electric toothbrush in this price range? Keep reading to find out!

Oral B offers a range of rechargeable electric toothbrushes. Oral B 3000 stands out because it was the first affordable model in the series to provide a ‘sensitive’ cleaning mode and a Bluetooth connectivity feature.

Now there is an even cheaper model, the Oral B Pro 1500 with the Sensitive mode, so the scientists at the Braun design center went back to the drawing board and created an updated version of the Oral B Pro 3000 with an added Bluetooth feature.

This is why your dentist may recommend that you buy it. Once you buy it, download the Oral B app and you’ll be good to go.

History of Oral B 3000 Electric Toothbrush

As far as I can tell, Oral B Smart 3000 is the 3rd generation of Oral B 3000 toothbrushes.

  • Oral B ProfessionalCare 3000 – 1st generation, discontinue
  • Oral B Pro 3000 – 2nd generation, still available but being phased out
  • Oral B Smart 3000 – 3rd generation, recently introduced

Oral B Pro 3000 vs Smart 3000

There are 2 differences between the old and the new Oral B 3000 electric toothbrush model:

  • The new Oral B Smart 3000 features the latest Lithium-Ion battery with 14+ day battery life. That is twice the battery life of an old Pro 3000 powered by an ancient NiMH battery.
  • The new Smart model is built around a more powerful motor first seen in Oral B 1500 and Genius models. It provides up to 9,900 oscillations and 45,000 pulsations per minute. It is around 10% more compared to the 8,800 and 40,000 of the old Pro 3000.

Oral B Pro 3000 UK Model

Oral B 3000 is available in the UK has different specifications and different box contents.

Oral B Pro 3 3000

Oral B Pro 3 3000 is similar to the US Pro 1500 model. It has only two modes, a Li-Ion battery, and no Bluetooth. It comes with the additional second brush head and travel case but does not have the brush head storage box.

If you are looking for the Bluetooth-connected model with 3 modes available in the United Kingdom, you should consider Oral B Smart 4 4000/4500.

Oral B Smart 4 4000

Oral B Pro 4 4000N and 4000W are similar to the US Smart 3000 model. It has three modes. Li-Ion battery and Bluetooth. It comes with the additional second brush head and a small brush head holder for 2 heads. The modes are slightly different – Whitening mode has replaced Gum Care mode. 4000N comes with 2 CrossActions heads, but 4000W – with 2 3D White heads.

Oral B Smart 4 4500 Black

Oral B Pro 4 4500 is the Black Edition of the 4000 series. The brush features are the same, but you will get the travel case instead of the brush head holder. 2 Cross Action heads are also included.

Oral B 3000 Features

Here are the features of the Oral B Pro 3000 to help you figure out if it is what you are looking for. I will also mention the differences between Pro 3000 and Smart 3000 where applicable.

Brushing Technology

Featuring the Oral-B Pro technology that provides 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations per minute, OralB Pro 3000 is undoubtedly equipped with a powerful cleaning technology that works up to the deepest areas of your mouth, leaving it cleaner and healthier.

The new Oral B Smart 3000 offers 10% more brushing power – 45,000 pulsations and 9,900 oscillations per minute

The technology helps break and sweep away all plaque in between your teeth and gum line, reaching even the hard to reach places and providing a true complete cleaning.

It works with much precision, getting rid of up to 97% of plaque. This keeps cavities from forming and may reverse gingivitis. With consistent use, you can already enjoy whiter teeth in just two weeks and healthier gums in your mouth.

Brushing Timer

To ensure its brushing effectiveness, Oral-B Pro 3000 rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with a timer so that you can keep track of your brushing time.

This timer feature monitors your brushing per quadrant, giving a short sound every thirty seconds that signals you to move to another quadrant. In the end, it will send along the sound to indicate that you already have completed the recommended two minutes of brushing.

If ever you need to pause from your brushing routine, you can briefly switch the toothbrush off as the handle can memorize the elapsed time. However, it will automatically restart the timer if you switch it off longer than thirty seconds.

3 Brushing Modes

To address our different dental needs, this toothbrush offers three cleaning modes.

  • Daily Clean Mode – this mode is recommended for everyday tooth cleaning. It provides complete and thorough brushing to ensure that your teeth and gums are freed of any plaque.
  • Sensitive Mode – for people with sensitive teeth, this mode is very advisable to use. It offers gentle brushing, but still is very thorough when it comes to cleaning to keep your pearly whites clean.
  • Gum Care Mode – for people with sensitive gums

There used to be a Whitening Mode in the first generation 3000 mode, but it has been replaced by Gum Care mode. If teeth whitening is important to you, you should consider choosing a more advanced electric toothbrush model from the Oral B lineup. It can remove teeth staining to reveal your teeth’s natural brilliance.

Selecting The Brush Mode

Oral B 3000 electric toothbrush automatically sets itself to Daily Clean mode when turned on for the first time. If you want to choose the Sensitive or Gum Care mode, you just have to press the On/Off button successively.

If you want to turn off the toothbrush from the Gum Care mode, just press the on/off button once again. On the other hand, if you want to turn off the toothbrush from Daily Clean or Sensitive mode, just long-press the on/off button until the motor stops.

Rechargeable Battery And Charger

A fully charged Oral B Pro 3000 can go more than a week of use (twice daily for two minutes each routine) without charging. It takes at least 17 hours to fully charge the unit.

The new Oral B Smart 3000 is equipped with the latest generation Lithium-Ion battery that can be used for more than 2 weeks without recharging.

A red indicator light flashes signaling you that the unit is already low on battery and needs charging. On the other hand, a green indicator light will appear when the unit is being charged.

oral-b pro 3000 rechargeable electric toothbrush charger and brush-head box

Battery Life

As I already mentioned above, the Pro 3000 had a rechargeable battery which lasted 7-10 days. The new model has a 14+ day battery life. You can, therefore, travel with it and use it on short trips and vacations.

This is the difference between dated NiMH and the latest Li-Ion battery technologies.

Visible Pressure Sensor

To keep your brushing techniques effective, Oral-B 3000 electric toothbrush is equipped with a pressure sensor to let you know when you are brushing too hard. This helps avoid sores and inflammation.

Thie sensor will alert you when you use too much force in brushing. Therefore, it ensures that your gums and tooth enamel are protected.

oral b pro 3000 visible pressure sensor

Indicator Bristles

To help you monitor your brush head wear and tear, all OralB replacement brush heads have indicator bristles. They fade halfway to remind you that your current brush already needs a replacement.

For a regular user, typically, this will take up to three months.

Bluetooth Technology

There is a phone app that Oral-B can connect to (Oral-B app). The app then gives you real-time instructions on how to brush and keeps track of your brushing habits.

ADA Approval

The American Dental Association approved Oral-B as an electric toothbrush in 2017. Before that, no other brand had gotten that approval.

The ADA recognizes that this brush works to remove plaque and also prevents or minimizes gingivitis.

This toothbrush gets rid of plaque that cannot be removed by a manual brush.

Package Contents

What’s in the box?

  • 1 toothbrush handle
  • 1 OralB brush head
  • 1 portable charger
  • 1 brush head compartment with protective cover for four brushes

You can use the charger separately without the brush head box, which is a great option on the road.

Or you can attach the charger to the brush head storage box for use on the toilet countertop.

Oral B 3000 Specifications

  • Model Number: ND
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Battery Type: NiMH (Pro 3000) or Lithium-Ion (Smart 3000)
  • Built-in Timer: Yes
  • External Timer: No
  • Brushing Modes: 3 – Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Gum Care
  • Brush Movements: 40,000 pulsations/min; +8,800 oscillations/min (Pro 3000) / 45,000 pulsations/min; +9,900 oscillations/min (Smart 3000)
  • Pressure Sensor: Yes, stops brushing
  • Visual Pressure Indicator: Yes
  • Included Brush Heads: 1 pcs
  • UV Sanitizer: Not included
  • Charger Type: Portable
  • Brush Head Container: Yes, for 4 brush heads
  • Travel Case: Not included
  • Travel Charger: Not included
  • Bluetooth & Smartphone App: Yes
  • Available Colors: White, Black

Oral B 3000 Box Dimensions

The whole package is 4 x 6.9 x 10 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds.

Brush Heads

There are several brush heads that you can choose for your Oral-B Pro 3000.

All cater to different oral needs, so you may want to examine first your teeth so you can get the appropriate brush head.

Here is a list of available brush heads:

  • Dual Clean
  • Pro White
  • Sensitive
  • Power Tip
  • Ortho
  • Braces Care Essentials
  • Tongue Freshener


The design of this toothbrush is fairly simple.

The front of the handle, where the on/off button and indicator light is placed, is clothed in dark blue while the rest of the handle is in light blue.

The handle seems sturdy enough to give a good grip and prevent it from falling out of your hands. It also seems to be just the right size so you can comfortably grip and use it.

The slim profile of the device makes it easy to use because it fits well in anyone’s hands whether young or old.

The brush does not slip even if it is wet because it has a strong rubber grip and contours that are properly made.


The toothbrush is available in white and black and white finish.

The white model is all around white and comes with white accessories.

The black model is similar to the white unit but features a black front panel. It also comes with a white charger and white brush head box (click on the image below to learn more!).

Oral B Pro 3000 Reviews From Users

Based on Oral B 3000 reviews from users, they are truly satisfied with the toothbrush even if it does not boast any over-the-top features.

One of the many great feedbacks given to the model says that its powerful technology delivers to its complete mouth cleaning promise. After every use, the owner instantly enjoyed the freshness and noticed the cleanliness. Usually, there are no complaints with regard to the quality of the unit.

People who buy this model often chose it because it comes with three brushing modes, making it more versatile, especially if compared to the Philips Sonicare products in a similar price range.

Just like with the Oral B Pro 1000, this model also gives little sounds, but in no way annoying or disturbing.

Oral B Pro 3000 Pros and Cons

Oral B Pro 3000 Pros

The Oral-B Pro 3000 toothbrush is still considered to be inexpensive compared to other brands and models (as an example, comparing it with Oral B Pro 1500), given that it has a little bit more than the basic features.

Its cleaning abilities are superb, as it can brush away most of your plaques. It has three cleaning modes in support of different dental needs, a leap from Oral B 1000’s single mode.

It also keeps its minimalist design, which makes it very easy to clean and use. Oral B Pro 3000 electric toothbrush can also easily slipped into your luggage or purse, so you can go around with it.

Are perfect at whitening teeth

Once you start using Oral B 3000 toothbrush, you will notice a significant difference in the color of your teeth.

The brush starts removing surface stains the moment you start using it.

Your teeth will be whiter and cleaner and you will start looking forward to visits to your dentist.

Helps you brush each section of your mouth

When using the ordinary toothbrush, you are likely to concentrate on some areas of the mouth compared to others,

This does not happen with the Pro 3000 because of the pulses it gives you after every 30 seconds. Therefore, you’ll be able to spend adequate time in every section.

You don’t have to charge it frequently

Most people like the fact that they can travel for days without having to carry the charging base. Once you charge it, it can serve you for 7 (or more than 14 days if you get new model) days before the battery gets drained.

The units are physically separate

When you get your Oral-B Pro 3000 kit, it will come with a charging base, toothbrush tray, and a toothbrush.

The 3 are not linked together which makes it easier for you to carry some and leave others. For example, if you’ve charged the brush then you can leave the charging base behind when going out or traveling.

If the units are connected then it would take up unnecessary space because you would have to carry all of it even if you wouldn’t need all of them at a time.


Since, overall, Oral B 3000 gives your money worth, there are no known issues that will make you dislike this toothbrush. The sound that users have noticed can be a deal-breaker for some, but if you can live with it then there really is no reason not to get this.

If you think this brush lacks any feature or brushing modes that are important to you, please check out the more advanced Oral-B Pro 5000 model. Just be aware that having more features means being more expensive.

Battery wears out after some time

(I believe this applies to the old NiMH battery as the LiIon technology is believed to be more sturdy.)

Some users feel that the battery should last longer. They say they would expect not to have to replace the toothbrush handle every couple of years.

One tip that some users pointed out on extending the life of the battery is to avoid plugging it in all the time.

Let the battery drain down before recharging it and you will use it for an extended period.

Rough on teeth

Some people have reported that Oral B 3000 is rough on their teeth, and it makes their teeth rattle when using it.

Some users discovered that it only happens when they use too much pressure while brushing, and they solved it by relying on the visible sensor pressure and reducing the pressure applied.

This also happens when the plastic hits one’s teeth which is very rare.

Oral B Pro 3000 Price

After reading my Oral B Pro 3000 review I suggest clicking here to see the price on Amazon – OralB Pro 3000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Oral B Pro 3000 take to charge?

It takes 17 hours to fully charge the Oral B Pro 3000 toothbrush.

Can I use the Oral B Pro 3000 toothbrush in the shower?

They say that this brush is waterproof and can be used in the shower. I would to more cautious and avoid submerging it underwater.

Can I get Oral B Pro 3000 in Europe?

Yes, you can find a toothbrush with a similar name in Europe – the Oral-B Pro 3 3000, but it is a completely different toothbrush.

I have looked into it, and it seems that the European Oral-B Pro 3 3000 is the American Oral-B Pro 1500. The Oral-B Pro 3 3000 has only 2 modes, lacks Bluetooth, and generates 45,000 pulsations per minute.

I live in the UK, and I am looking for a similar model to Oral b 3000 I can buy locally.

If you are looking for an affordable UK Oral-B toothbrush with Bluetooth and 3 modes, you should check out the Oral-B 4 4000N, which has similar specs to the model reviewed in this blog post.

What is the difference between OralB ProfessionalCare 3000 and Oral B Pro 3000?

Oral B ProfessionalCare 3000 is the first generation Oral B 3000 toothbrush that has been discontinued and replaced with Oral B Pro 3000.


Oral B offers a range of toothbrushes, and Oral B Pro 3000 is one of them. It has the essentials of an electric toothbrush and is averagely priced.

The majority of dentists recommend a device that has a sensitive cleaning mode. Oral B 3000 provides this. If you would like to follow a dentist’s recommendation (which is always the best thing to do) then you should get this electric toothbrush.

Another great thing about this toothbrush is that it has a variety of modes (3) which gives you the freedom to decide what you want.

You only need to charge it once a week, and you are good to go.

This toothbrush is suitable for individuals who have sensitivity issues, gum diseases, and those who want to whiten their teeth or those who want to track the progress they are making while brushing.

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