Oral B Pro 6000 Review – SmartSeries Connected Electric Toothbrush

By | June 5, 2024

white oral b pro 6000 toothbrush with crossaction brush head

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Welcome to my Oral B Pro 6000 Review!

Please keep reading my Oral-B 6000 review to learn why this model still remains one of the most popular choices of mid-level rechargeable toothbrushes.

What Is Oral B Pro 6000?

The The Oral B Pro 6000 toothbrush (its full name is ‘Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush’) is a fantastic electric toothbrush that offers a perfect balance between advanced features and affordability. Designed to provide a superior clean, it boasts a CrossAction brush head with angled bristles for precise and effective plaque removal. The Pro 6000 is also equipped with a pressure sensor, which alerts you if you’re brushing too hard, helping you avoid potential gum damage.

One of the standout features of the Oral-B Pro 6000 is its five different brushing modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Pro-Clean. This versatility allows you to customize your brushing experience to suit your specific oral care needs. Additionally, the Pro 6000 offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to sync the toothbrush with the Oral-B app on your smartphone. The app provides real-time feedback, personalized coaching, and tracks your brushing habits over time.

In terms of battery life, the Oral-B Pro 6000 doesn’t disappoint, delivering up to 12 days of use on a single charge. The toothbrush also comes with a charging station, a travel case, and a variety of brush head options, ensuring you have everything you need for a comprehensive oral care routine.

Overall, the Oral-B Pro 6000 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their brushing experience with a high-quality, feature-rich electric toothbrush without breaking the bank.

Oral-B Pro 6000 Smart Series Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, BlackOral-B Pro 6000 Smart Series Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, BlackCheck Price

Oral-B Pro 6000 vs 6500 vs Oral-B Smart 6 6000N

First I want to clear all possible misunderstandings about similar product names.

The product reviewed in this article is the latest specs Oral B Pro 6000 toothbrush with Bluetooth and visible pressure sensor SmartRing you can buy in the United States.

Some sources call this toothbrush Oral B Pro 6000 Smart Series while others refer to it as Oral B Genius Pro 6000. So it is up to you to decide if it is just a Smart one of a full-blown Genius.

In Europe, you can find 3 models with similar names:

  • Oral-B SmartSeries 6000 is a white toothbrush that looks like the previous generation US model without SmartRing and with a NiMH battery
  • Oral-B SmartSeries 6500 is a black version of the above model
  • Oral-B Smart 6 6000N is the latest generation model in Blue and White with a Li-Ion battery and SmartRing that looks similar to the current US model

I will add any new information as soon as I discover something new.

Oral B Pro 6000 Features

Now, let’s take a quick look at the most important features of this toothbrush.

While other Genius models offer more features, the Oral-B Genius Pro 6000 is the most popular model in the Genius series.

It won’t break the bank but offers some great features that should be enough for your teeth.

Cleaning Action On Gums And Teeth

Equipped with an advanced cleaning technology, the Oral-B Pro 6000 provides a deep mouth cleaning action leaving you with cleaner and healthier teeth and gums.

It provides 48,000 pulsations and 10,500 oscillations per minute to give the best possible cleaning within the two minutes required brushing time.

Added to that, this rechargeable toothbrush includes a CrossAction brush head, which is designed to remove all plaque between your teeth and gum line thoroughly, and even those in the hard to reach places. With this, you can achieve professional-like teeth and gum cleaning.

Teeth Whitening

Using the OralB 6000 brush, you can get whiter teeth in just a matter of three weeks. You can use the whitening brushing mode to help you get rid of your teeth stains, revealing their natural radiance.

You can also opt in just replacing your brush head with the ProWhite Brush Head (with a polishing cup) that can also remove teeth stains for whiter teeth. This is an excellent option, especially if you need to use other brushing modes rather than whitening.

Timer Options

This toothbrush comes equipped with a Professional Timer.

This timer beeps every thirty seconds to remind you that you should move to the next quadrant of your mouth. It also keeps you on track of your brushing time by playing the long sound when the recommended 2 minute brushing time is up.

If you are using the Deep Clean mode, the brush beeps every 45 seconds and emits the long beep after 3 minutes.

The timer does not switch the brush off so you can keep brushing even when the recommended time is up.

Five Brushing Modes

The Oral-B Pro 6000 takes into account that every user has different dental health needs. So to cater to each and everyone’s oral hygiene requirements, it comes with 5 brushing modes.

  • Daily Clean mode is recommended for day to day complete mouth cleaning
  • Gum Care mode
  • Sensitive mode, for people who have sensitive teeth or gums
  • Whitening mode, as the name suggests, is used to remove stains for whiter teeth
  • In Pro-Clean mode you get the fastest cleaning speed

Previously you could quickly find out the number of brushing modes from the Oral-B toothbrush model name – OralB 4000 had 4 modes, Oral B Pro 3000 has 3 modes, and Oral B Pro 1000 (and Oral B Pro 500) has only one mode.

Not it looks like Oral B has broken this system. These days some models have fewer modes than the model name suggests, other models like Oral B Pro 1500 have more modes. I have recently compared Oral B 6000 with 1500.


If we are talking about the main difference between the modes, then they are all about oscillation speed and the rate of oscillation per second.

By default, you’ll also notice that the brush is set in daily clean mode.

For example, in Daily Clean mode you’ll have 30 seconds per quadrant and a total time of 2 minutes. Your teeth will receive the basic essence of cleaning you need daily.

Gum Care mode mainly focuses on inflamed or bleeding gums. It provides a soft massage to the gums to enhance blood flow and making the tissues stronger. Timing for each quadrant and total time is similar to Daily Care. Cross Action brush head works well for this mode but you can also try Sensi Ultra-Thin, Trizon & Precision Clean Brush heads.

Now, not all of us have the same teeth, and Oral-B also acknowledges the fact. So, they offer Sensitive Mode for a gentle but thorough cleaning for sensitive mouths. It also has 2 minute total timer with lower brush oscillation and 30000-33000 pulsation speeds. If you want to use sensitive mode more often, it is better to get Sensi Ultra-Thin brush head.

Occasionally, we all want to have the dentist clean white and shining teeth. For that, Whitening mode adds an extra 20 seconds with the regular 2 minutes cycle.  Using a 3D white brush head is suggested for this cleaning method.

Finally, the Pro-Clean mode is for those who want to spend more time brushing their teeth. You’ll have 45 seconds for each quadrant with a total time of 3 minutes. This mode offers maximum of 10,500 oscillations and 48,000 pulsations. All the regular cleaning brush heads can do the work for this mode.

Oral-B Pro 6000 comes with one brush head in its package- just the CrossAction. The brush head moves in Oscillation, pulsation, rotation while cleaning. For the rest, you can order them from amazon or Oral-B’s official website.

Selecting The Oral B 6000 Brushing Mode

When the toothbrush is switched on it automatically starts in the Daily Clean mode. Oral B 6000 toothbrush features a separate button for mode switching. If you want to switch to another mode, you have to press the Mode button repeatedly.

The modes are in the following order: Daily Clean → Sensitive → Whitening → Deep Clean → Daily Clean.

You can see the selected brushing mode on the toothbrush handle display.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral B Smart Series 6000 has similar Bluetooth connectivity like other Smart and Genius models.

Oral B software needs either Android OS 4.4 or newer or iOS 9 or newer to connect your devices.

The connection shows your brushing time individually for each quadrant and also the total brushing time. Besides, it allows you to set the colors of the 360 Smart Ring and keep track of your brushing habits.

Anyhow, not all users are excited to use the Bluetooth functionality. I believe that this feature should be used to your benefit. Both Oral B and Philips Sonicare are adding various connectivity features even to the mid-range and cheap models, so there is no use in trying to avoid it.

Smartphone App

Oral B Genius Pro 6000 app allows you to connect your toothbrush to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

It takes a few seconds to connect, and then the app detects your toothbrush and starts showing your brushing time and other data.

You can even record your brushing time for the whole week or month. The app will also notify you when you need to brush.

As a downside, I should mention that Oral-B Genius Pro 6000 doesn’t have position detection technology that other more expensive models have built-in. You can’t collect live feedback and mouth locations where you are brushing your teeth.

You can get the app both in the Google play store and the Apple store. You can also download it using the QR code that comes in the box. Installing the app and getting connected is pretty easy and straightforward.

360 SmartRing with LED

Programmable 360 SmartRing with LED lights to customize your brushing experience.

It also works as a Pressure Sensor indicator.

One of the biggest upgrades that Oral B Pro 6000 bought to the market was the 360 Smart app. It has also been followed in the latest Genius models like Pro 8000, and Genius X.

There are 12 available colors that can be selected from the app. You have the option to choose your preferred color and see this color from all the sides.

The ring turns red when you apply excessive pressure on your teeth.

Thru the Bluetooth connectivity, the phone app will also collect feedback from the pressure sensors and make note of the brushing time.

Overall, the 360 Smart Ring hasn’t changed and people seem to like this feature.

Pressure Sensor

For more effective brushing techniques, this rechargeable toothbrush has a pressure sensor feature that tells you if you are brushing too hard. The brush movements are slowed down whenever you are applying too much pressure while brushing.

The pressure sensor in Oral B Genius Pro 6000 lights up the LED light to indicate if you are putting pressure on your teeth. The pressure sensor will reduce the speed of oscillation when the pressure exceeds a certain level. Thus, it protects your gums and teeth.

This is a signature technology of the Oral B Genius Toothbrush series. We couldn’t find any difference in how the pressure sensors work in different Genius models. They both worked fine and similarly.

Travel Case

The travel box is made with plastic and comparatively thinner than the Deluxe box you will get with the more expensive Oral B models.

It can store your toothbrush and brush heads. Besides, it also has holes in the top to allow airflow.

This case doesn’t work as a power bank nor has any charging functionalities like the Deluxe charging case. It is just a regular travel case that provides only protection and easy portability to your toothbrush and brush heads. Consequently, it doesn’t have a docking connector for your phone.

Rechargeable Battery Features and Charger

I would say the battery life is decent but not exceptional. The fully charged Oral B 6000 electric toothbrush can be used 28 times (2 minutes each time). That means you can use it for 14 days without additional charge. In other words, if you are leaving your home for 7-10 days, it is safe to leave the charger at home.

The charging process takes more than 10 hours if the battery is totally empty. But usually, a 15-minute charge is enough to for one 2-minute brushing.

The display in toothbrush handle has 3 segment charge level display – the battery symbol that shows the current battery status and how much charge is left to your toothbrush.

The charger can be attached to the stand with a box for 4 replacement heads that will protect your brush heads.

Replacement Brush Heads

Oral-B Pro 6000 rechargeable electric toothbrush is bundled with one Oral-B CrossAction brush head, but it is not the only compatible brush head model.

You can also use Oral-B Pro White, Oral-B Sensitive, Oral-B Precision Clean, Oral-B Dual Clean, Oral-B Power Tip, Oral-B Ortho, and Oral-B Braces Care Essentials replacement heads and even an Oral-B Tongue Freshener.

Indicator Bristles – bristles fade halfway to remind you that you need to replace them. You should replace the brush head every 3 months.

Brush head alert – this feature gives signals to remind you whenever you are just ten days away from needing to replace the brush head.

What’s In The Box?

The package contents include:

  • 1 ergonomic toothbrush handle with built-in rechargeable battery
  • 1 OralB CrossAction brush head
  • 1 portable SmartPlug charger
  • 1 travel case
  • 1 charging station with brush head storage


The Oral-B 6000 box size is 3.4 x 7.8 x 7.2 inches, and it weighs around 1.3 pounds with all bundled accessories.

With its compact size, this toothbrush can easily be stored wherever you want and is very portable for traveling.


The rectangular box looks pretty much decent and smart. After unwrapping, you’ll see a user’s guide, a travel case, one brush head, a charger case, a phone holder, and the toothbrush itself.

Oral-B Genius 6000 was launched in only white color and which had a lot of negative feedback. So, currently, you can find 4 different color options to choose from.

The brush weighs around 168 grams including the brush head. You can also feel the soft grip rubber material at the backside of the brush which allows you to have a proper grip. After turning on, you’ll see lights.

By clicking the brushing mode button, you can change the modes. There are four icons for five modes. It might be a bit confusing if you can not see any mode light turned on, but it just means the brush is in Daily Clean mode.

At the lower end of the toothbrush handle, you’ll notice the battery icon with three stages. When the battery is depleted, the battery icon turns red.

At the lower end of the toothbrush handle, you can see the logos of Braun and Oral-B which is similar to other Genius models.

The base in Oral B Genius Pro 6000 is used as the charging port. It comes with water-resistant material to prevent water from entering.

Oral-B Pro 6000 was one of a kind, the first new-generation Genius model when it first came to the market. Since then the Genius line has been upgraded with new color schemes and more advanced models. The outlook, features, and design of the Oral B Pro 6000 still remain trendy and effective.

Available Color Options

  • White
  • Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Orchid Purple


Actually, there are no unique accessories for this toothbrush model. The only item I can imagine you would want to get is a UV sanitizer for sanitizing the brush heads.

User Reviews

I should say that this product does very well and can be considered to be one of the best electric toothbrush models you can buy at the moment for a reasonable amount of money.

It is also important to note that many customers have given this product lower ratings (even 1-2 stars) because of issues not directly related to this product’s quality or performance.

As an example, several users have dropped their toothbrushes on the floor and are now furious that they are broken.

Other users have discovered that their units have stopped charging. Instead of getting in touch with the seller and arranging the replacement, many customers went online and gave low ratings to the product itself.

Users give this product an above-average rating when it comes to cleaning and keeping teeth and gums healthy. However, the toothbrush’s design is only on average. The design is not entirely on the wrong side, but it is certainly not the best.

The toothbrush handle is a little bit bulky compared to other rechargeable electric toothbrushes, so it is a little harder to pack in whenever you go for travel. The rubberized handle can slip out of your hand, especially if it is wet.

Altogether, Oral-B Pro 6000 gets a high recommendation from users since it highly performs on tooth and gum cleaning.

Pros and Cons

If we bring all the users’ reviews from different places, we will discover a satisfying vibe.

But if we look at a deeper level, Oral-B Pro 6000 also has some space for improvement. Some users expect more from Oral-B customer support. Or, there are some faulty electrical component complaints. But these are only a few in number.

Most of the buyers have made an informed choice. This is appreciable comparing the price and the features Oral B Genius 6000 has.


  • It is effective yet budget-friendly compared to other Genius toothbrushes
  • It comes with a smartphone app
  • The pressure sensor assists to take care of your gums
  • It is lightweight compared to older models
  • The brush handle has rubber grips to prevent from slipping
  • 360 Smart Ring helps to get instant feedback
  • It has a built-in timer and smartphone connectivity for better cleaning

Most, if not all, users attested to its teeth cleaning capabilities. They felt the difference between using a rechargeable toothbrush compared to the manual brush. After using Oral-B Pro 6000 toothbrush, they can really feel that their mouths cleaner and teeth are whiter.

People also liked that it came with a timer since it keeps them on track of their brushing time, especially for kids.

The rounded brush heads are commendable as they really can reach on those deepest areas.

Recharging is also fast.


  • It doesn’t have Position Detection Technology
  • The battery life could be better
  • It has fewer modes than other Genius models

Though the Oral B 6000 really works for mouth cleaning (which is its primary role), it still has some product flaws.

Some people find the rubber grip to be flimsy as it can easily fall out of their hands, especially when wet.

People also find the unit’s handle to be a little bulky compared to other rechargeable toothbrushes.

Many also find the brush heads to be small, so it is a little uncomfortable to brush.


If you have a bit more money to spend, you should check out the Oral-B Pro 7000 toothbrush, which is quite similar to the 6000 model but has 5 brushing modes and an external timer. You can read more about the differences between these models in my Oral B 6000 vs 7000 comparison.

If you think that Braun Oral B brush heads are too small for your teeth, you should check out Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes. The 5-mode model from Philips that can be compared to Oral B 6000 is the Philips Sonicare Flexcare.

When people shop for a mid-range power toothbrush, they inevitably come across several brushes from Oral-B – OralB 5000, 6000, and 7000 models.

These brushes look so similar that it may be hard to understand their differences. Please keep reading to learn more about the differences between Oral B Pro 6000 vs 5000 vs 7000.

Oral B 6000 vs 8000

First, let’s compare Oral B 6000 vs 8000.

Both models share the same handle body build and design. It is safe to say that Oral B Genius 8000 is a newer and more advanced version of the Genius 6000. They both share many similarities, and everything I have written about the Oral B 6000 applies also to the 8000 model.

It can be a tough decision if you ask me to choose between Oral-B Pro 6000 and Oral B Genius 8000.

The modern Oral-B Pro 8000 is more expensive but brings some excellent features. On the contrary, Oral-B Pro 6000 is just about all the basic smart features that you want inside a Genius toothbrush.

I would’ve suggested you get the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 if it wasn’t so expensive. This extra cost will be giving you these additional features: Position Detection Technology, extra brush heads, more 2 days of battery life, a smart travel case, and Tongue Cleaning mode.

If you think you can afford the price, you can go for the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000. Otherwise, it is better to stick to the more popular and budget-friendly Oral-B Genius Pro 6000.

Model NameOralB Pro 6000OralB Pro 8000
Brushing Modes5 - Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Pro-Clean Mode6 - Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Pro-Clean, Tongue Cleaning
Included Brush Heads13
Position DetectionNoYes
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Travel Case IncludedYes, PremiumYes, USB Charging

Oral B 6000 vs 5000

oral b 6000 vs 5000

Oral B Pro 6000 vs 5000

Here is my quick comparison of the Oral B Pro 6000 vs 5000 models.

If you look at the specifications and lists of features of these two Oral-b models, you will notice only a few differences.

These toothbrushes are very similar. The main thing to keep in mind is that the Oral B Pro 6000 is a more current model featuring slightly more advanced technologies:

  • more advanced Li-Ion battery technology offers a longer battery life
  • a more powerful motor capable of 48,000 pulsations per minute versus 40,000 pulsations
  • stylish and modern design and multiple color options

Which one of these two should you get? Compare the prices and then decide!


If you are upgrading from a manual toothbrush to this Smart Toothbrush, the price may surprise you a bit.


Products Often Bought Together

The OralB 6000 often is purchased along with replacement heads Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refills 3-pack.

Some people are buying this toothbrush together with Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. You can read more about water flossers in my other review


Oral-B Pro 6000 was one of a kind when they were first released.

There are many competitors and advanced models in the market.

But that never means that Oral-B Pro 6000 has gone backdated. In fact, it is still the most budget-friendly Smart toothbrush for many users.

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