Oral B Water Flosser Reviews 2023 & Buying Guide

By | November 15, 2023

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Because of its undying reputation in the dental health business, I have given the company’s water flossers a good thought. Through my experience with both Oral B’s toothbrush and water flossers, it is safe to say they have yet to master the game of flossers as adeptly as they have mastered toothbrushes.

Nevertheless, that is not to say that Oral B also designs and produces some of the most effective water flossers still available. For people like me who still have quivering flossing hands, water flossers are easy and efficient appliances.

In our Oral B water flosser reviews, we have featured 4 such water flossers from the company, highlighting what is great and what’s not.

The Solution to Oral B Poor Water Pressure Problem

Many users are complaining about the poor water pressure of Oral B water flossers. Let’s address it before looking into the products.

The water pressure issue has resulted from an error in the design and engineering of the water reservoir with the rest of the water flosser. When the lid on the flosser is closed, the water pumping system is disrupted, making it difficult for the flosser to pump any water upwards. This directly results from the reservoirs being fenced once the lid is bolted.

With a little knowledge of physics, water pressure, and vacuum, you may come to understand how this creation of vacuum can potentially wall in the lock. This is turning completely halls any irrigation that might have otherwise been smooth.

As frustrating as this might sound, the vacuum may create a series of other issues, all thanks to the gap in water pressure it makes. One other problem reported for the same underlying reason is a feeble spray.

The pressure on the spray becomes so weak you would hardly get the benefit of flossing out of the appliance. The potential engineering flaw could be solved with a vent to let air in at all times so that no vacuum is created. Users who have faced this problem resorted to opening the lid just so they get enough water pressure. With this, the problem is that your flosser’s water pressure becomes a lot more than it is safe to have in a spray.

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Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced

Oral-B Water Flosser AdvancedCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Designed with a cordless system, Oral B Water flosser Advanced is, in its element a basic oral irrigator that consists of primary parts of a 4 oz water reservoir and a pump to create the appropriate pressure and draw out water.

The flosser uses Oxyjet technology and combines the flossing modes at various speeds and intensities. Depending on several factors, the flossing modes can be changed from intense to medium to sensitive.

The versatility of this cordless water flosser from oral B is further validated by its multiple and one-of-a-kind water streaming functions. With MultiJet, rotational, and focused stream options, one can have complete control over how much pressure the spray exerts upon flossing.

This also allowed the flosser to clean the front of the teeth as nicely and as thoroughly as it can clean into the crevices of your teeth and gums. You may also benefit from the dual nozzle of this flosser, one being an Aqua floss nozzle while the other being a precision jet nozzle.

All these variations, along with the Oxyjet technology, make sure this flosser is particularly safe for people with sensitive gums looking to get rid of any bacteria or plaque in their mouths. Yet, Oral B has flawed the rotation of the nozzle, which is not as flexible as it should be.

Along with other features, one of the selling points of the Oral B water flosser is its rechargeable battery which makes it convenient for people who do not have power outlets at every corner of their rooms or washrooms.

You may charge the water flosser once and use the flosser for days, whether you wish to travel with it or save some charging time for yourself. The appliance also comes with a charger and an advanced handle for easy management.

The deep cleaning and intensely detoxifying flosser are easy to fill and use. Notwithstanding, it might be pricier compared to a few other feature-rich and efficient water flossers available in the market.

Other complaints include weak internal parts and insignificant pressure settings from the consumer’s end. Moreover, we feel the power button location can be better and more spaced out for convenience.

Overall, the Oral B water flosser advanced is a basic, and handheld oral irrigation which comes with the promised cordless system and charging benefits.

Despite that, for the price, we believe the appliance does not return the value for price and has room for improvement in a lot of areas. The primary cause of concern for many is its small water tank capacity, lack of rotational flexibility along with frail, unreliable parts, and water jetting options.


  • Cordless design
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Good for sensitive gums


  • Water capacity insufficient
  • Water pressure and variation is ineffective


Oral-B Aquacare 4 Water Flosser

ORAL-B Aquacare Waterflosser with Oxyjet TechnologyCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Oral-B Aquacare 4 Water Flosser is strikingly similar to the predeceasing product we have mentioned in this article, Oral B Water flosser is advanced but comes with a few additional changes that make Aquacare particularly favorable for anyone who has never used a water flosser before.

According to newbies to the world of flossers, it is a breeze to use and an appliance that makes it easy for you to get used to flossing. Like most Oral B flossers, this too uses the Oxyject Technology making sure all that dirt and plaque is out of your mouth after every use.

Although this can be a bit confusing if you are to take the words of how Oral B likes to explain it, the Aquacare comes with two varying modes essentially which are rotational and focused. As claimed by the company, the total number of modes is 4, where they count the sensitive and intense flossing modes along with the two streams we have mentioned.

Most users have not noticed any significant difference in water pressure for the modes. From my experience, I have used the focused stream to get into the crevices of my teeth. As for the rotational stream, you are sure to get an overall clean up of your entire mouth and gums without penetrating much deeper into the teeth.

The on-demand button is one feature that has been applauded and we see reasons why it would be so. The on-demand button allows users to have better control over the water pressure and the option to be able to switch the pressure whenever you want is one to look out for.

For me, the on-demand button compensates for the single nozzle and minimally different water pressure modes. The nozzle is good with rotation to a complete 360 degrees, although, many would complain it could have been more flexible.

The cordless design is typical in size and maybe a little bulky for small hands. Since you don’t have a wire attached, the 2 AA powered, the chargeable appliance is particularly simple to move around with the flosser. The battery needs about 12 to 14 hours to charge completely.

Although this might sound like a stretched period of time, the Oral B water flosser would run for about 40 days with one full charge!

The removable tank is compromised on plastic quality but holds up to 4 oz of water, which, to say the least, might last for 30 to 35 seconds at a stretch. If you are used to flossing, this is usually not a big issue.


  • Pressure can be changed mid floss
  • Rechargeable double A battery
  • Cordless and portable
  • 360-degree nozzle
  • Multiple streams


  • Few flimsy parts
  • The difference in pressure modes insignificant
  • No automated power switches


Oral-B Aquacare 6 Water Flosser

Oral-B Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert WirelessCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Oral-B Aquacare 6 Water flosser is an upgrade on the Aquacare 4 and is comprised of similar but slightly updated features overall. For once, this includes dual nozzles and an additional flossing mode. The flossing modes include intense, medium, and sensitive, each of which can be changed with a spongy recessed button at the bottom.

Unlike few other Oral B flosser models that have received complaints about their button placement, this one has saved grace in that regard.

With the Oxyject technology and dual streaming water pressure, Oral B Aquacare 6 is suitable for people with dental appliances attached to their teeth. Whether you have braces or crown, you can rely on this cordless flosser to get the job done.

With the same water tank capacity and similar base features, one cannot decide the difference between the Aqua face 4 and 6. As you can tell, the difference is the upgraded version 6 has 2 nozzles and an additional intensity mode.

If I am to pick one between the two, I could side with Aquaface 4 for reasons of affordability and almost the same features.  Moreover, the water pressure from the jet setting has scopes of improvement, though you can get considerable cleaning done with the rotational stream setting.

While the Aquaface 6 is more expensive, users love its exterior of white and grey as opposed to the company’s typical blue and white outer look. Additionally, you get a charging station and a watering box as extra tools with the flosser. With an additional nozzle, the water flosser becomes more useful as well, as one other person can use the appliance without having to spend it on another.

Although both models successfully deliver what they promise for most, the major upgrade of different intensities might or might not be worth paying the extra cash. This is because the intensities may vary in experience from person to person.


  • Great for sensitive, braces, crown teeth
  • 3 intensity modes are available
  • Stylish outer look
  • Additional nozzle included
  • Wireless


  • The jet setting needs improvement
  • Low water pressure


Oral-B OxyJet Water Flosser (European Model)

In comparison to both the Aquaface models and the Advance model of water flossers from Oral B, the Oxyject Water flosser is distinctive in design as well as function.

This European model comprises a unique Oxyjet technology that injects the water with micro air bubbles. These bubbles are obtained from the air that has already been purified. This rich feature guarantees you will be left with healthier gums if you regularly floss with this appliance.

What’s incredible about this flosser is how gentle its cleaning procedure is, with the jet stream being more targeted as well as straight. If you want a relaxing and spiral gum massage, the other stream has the provision as well.

Although we can’t applaud the 4 integrated nozzles and the mounting plate it comes with, there is no denying that this water flosser is big and might take up good space.

Other than that, you also get a mono stream and rotating or circular stream, providing more options on intensity and pressure. Unfortunately, for wireless lovers, we have a bit of bad news. This star product is corded, meaning you would need a power outlet for this to work every time.

A myriad of additional features make the Oral-B OxyJet Water Flosser stand out from the competition.

This includes the large water reservoir of 600 ml, compared to only 4 oz in other models. Additionally, the water flosser can be mounted with ease to save you counter space.

Two winning additions to this water flosser are a pressure controller wheel and an air filter for purified air and healthier gums. This water flosser also gives its user the freedom to use the flosser in addition to a mouth washer or without it. We also love how there is a storage space for your floss tips.

One of the complaints that most users do not shy away from mentioning is its hose quality. The hose of this water floss we are weak and breaks on the ringside more often. While this is a cause of concern, you can fix it without much hassle.


  • Large Water tank capacity
  • Unique micro bubble Oxyjet technology
  • Water pressure controller
  • 4 nozzles available
  • Tip storing space
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Gum massager included
  • Multiple jet functions
  • Decent water pressure


  • Large in size
  • Weak hose

Oral B Water Flosser Buying Guide

Types of Water Flossers

Primarily, two different types of water flossers are designed by Oral B. Which one you prefer is mostly a matter of personal choice, comfort, accessibility, and of course the availability of a power outlet where you wish to floss.

Corded or Countertop

Corded water flossers are also known as countertop water flossers. As the name suggests, these appliances are wired and meant to be connected to a power supply every time it is used. These are comparatively bulkier in size and take up more space on the countertop.

If you have a designated space in your bathroom for a flossing device and do not plan to travel with one, there’s no substitute for corded designs. These might also have better water pumps and pressure systems.

Cordless or Portable

Cordless water flossers are portable because they are handheld and wireless. These appliances usually need to be charged for long hours before they can retain their charge for days. Once charges, these portable water flossers can be used just about anywhere.

Portable designs of flossers are much more compact, lightweight, and easier to travel with. When shopping for a cordless water flosser, you may want to look for a powerful battery and more flossing time. Most cordless designs also come with various floss tip tips and a 360-degree rotational tip.


When shopping for an Oral B water flosser, you may want to remember that not all oral B flossers are lightweight, regardless of whether they are cordless or corded. One takes up more counter space while another may be heavier to hold on to.

Among the models we have mentioned, the Aquacare 4 and 6 are notoriously known to be heavier and more awkward to handle despite having wireless designs. Yet, these are both travel friendly and can be packed conveniently.

The Advanced one, on the other hand, is more portable, with a more bulky charging unit. Further, the European model is least portable and takes up the most space as it is a countertop water flosser.

Adjustable Pressure Settings

Adjustable pressure settings are an incredibly important feature in any water flosser and we may alert you that Oral B is not the best when it comes to integrating distinctive water pressure settings.

Oral B Advanced and Aquaface models come with varying pressure settings and streams, feature intense, medium, and sensitive pressure along with rotational and straight jet pressure.

Among these, the rotational mode is most effective in getting into the corners and small spaces of the gum.

Still, the Oral-B OxyJet Water Flosser is designed with a water pressure controller wheel that gives users much more control over the water spray pressure. If you have sensitive gum or have braces on, Oral B water flossers are safe with varying pressure settings.

Waterjet and Oxyjet Technology

Water flossers mostly come with two types of integrated technology to help get rid of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Waterjet technology uses water spray only, while Oxyjet technology uses a mixture of water along with purified air.

Oxyjet technology also uses microbubbles created with the help of purified air. This type of technology enhances the health of your gum and, compared to traditional flossing, is much safer for most beginners.

Different Tips and Nozzles

Oral B features different types of nozzles and tips in each of its models. Oral-B OxyJet Water Flosser comes with the highest number of flossers, counting up to 4. The advanced and aqua face models each feature one or two nozzles.

Multiple nozzles give you the benefit of versatility, allowing more people to use the same water flosser. It is also more hygienic to change nozzles once in a while.

Adjustable or Rotatable Nozzle

Although adjustable and rotatable nozzles are an important part of good water flossers, Oral B water flossers do not have these included in their designs.

However, you may find a rotational tip and rotational water stream instead.

Noise Levels

Noise levels are normal when it comes to electric water flossers, although Oral B has done a good job in keeping the noise levels to a minimum.

When investing in one of the water flossers, you may want to take into account that the Oxyjet systems are meant to make noise to some extent. Oral-B’s European model is noisier than the others.

Internal or Removable Batteries

Oral B advanced and aqua face models are all cordless and feature powerful batteries that can run for days on an average 12-to-14-hour charge. Countertop water flosser features internal batteries most of the time.


If you are looking for a warranty on your new water flosser, it’s safe to go with an Oral B Oxyjet water flosser that gives you a warranty of 2 years.

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You would trust a few names when it comes to producing and delivering dental healthcare appliances, even with a blindfold on. Oral B is one of them, although they are fairly new to the market of water flossers.

In this Oral B Water Flosser review of 4 of its appliances, it is worth noting that each of these flossers is unique and comprises features that are suitable for most new flossers. If you wish to go all-in and wish to go spendthrift, The Oxyjet flosser could be your call.

However, if this is your first time investing in a water flosser and needs some time that is simple and easy to use, The Aqua face 4 and 6 are what could get you started in achieving that perfect dental health. The Advanced water flosser is the most basic. However, we do doubt it returns the ultimate value for the price.

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