Can You Share a Waterpik Water Flosser?

By | November 26, 2022

Sharing is caring, but it’s wise to pause and give it a thought when it comes to sharing a Waterpik flosser.

You don’t use your toothbrushes and lend them to someone else. Neither do you share your partner’s hair brush if you can’t find yours.

Let’s try to figure out if you can share a Waterpik water flosser.

Can You Share a Waterpik?

Yes, you can share Waterpik water flosser among various members of a house. However, it is imperative that each person uses their own flosser tip.

Since Waterpik flossers are pricey, most families spend on only one unit. In that case, you should NEVER use the same flosser tip that somebody else has used. To help you identify which flosser tip belongs to whom, there are different color-coded bands at the end of the tip.

If you share a Waterpik, it is also essential to clean it regularly, including the tips. Moreover, it is advised that you replace the flosser tips every 3 to 6 months, depending on what kind of tip you are using.

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Same Waterpik Tip

Having individual flosser tips is indispensable for countless reasons. Our mouths are filled with endless bacteria and germs. Saliva in the mouth can also contain a more contagious virus, which can infect other people through the transfer of these glands.  Hence you should use the flosser tips like individual toothbrushes.

Further, if any person suffers from bleeding gum, they are likely to spread the disease through that blood trail most easily. Diseases like hepatitis C  or HIV can spread without any time the tip is being shared.

Additionally, our mouths are a lot more vulnerable and susceptible to getting contaminated more seriously if any strain of harmful dormant bacteria enters from sharing the Waterpik water flosser tip. At the least, it might cause mouth sores and ulcers.

Dormant viruses that enter through the mouth can also linger in the body and stay “hidden”. Whenever your body has a feebler immunity barrier, such viruses can cause more illness.

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How to Safely Share a Water Flosser?

If you are not budget restricted and willing to invest a considerably hefty amount on another Waterpik water flosser, you may go ahead.

Still, if more people in your family plan to use it, buying multiple oral irrigators is neither worth it, nor needed. This is because you will only need to have different Waterpik flosser tips for each person.

Different Colored Tips

One way to cautiously use one water flosser for the whole family is by having water flosser tips with varying colors. Make sure the colors are distinct enough for you and others to identify without an issue.

Seal the Flosser Tips

A few flosser tips do not come with a sealed covering. If you keep those unattended to be used later, aerial germs may settle on them. Hence, another way to make sure you can share the Waterpik water flosser safely is by maintaining the spare tips, or the ones you are yet to use. For this, it is best to use an air-tight container for storing the tips.

Replace the Tips Regularly

The Waterpik flosser tips come in different types. Depending on the type of tip you are using, you could consider changing the tips after every 3 to 6 months. If you are using a classic jet, classic pressure, or high cleaner tip, you can wait 6 months before getting a new one.

However, if you or any of your family members with whom you share the Waterpik water flosser, use the toothbrush tip, orthodontic, or plaque seeker type, remember to get the flosser tip after 3 months at the most.

Cleaning the Waterpik Flosser

Maintaining the Waterpik unit clean and hygienic through regular cleaning of your water flosser is imperative. You’d want to check for mold development now and then by dismantling the entire flosser.

You may clean the exterior of the unit using water and mild detergent. For the rest of the parts, including the flossing tip and the reservoir, you can use vinegar and water solution in equal parts.

When you are cleaning these parts, especially the tip, you may want to use a brush to make sure all the gunk is gone. Before assembling all the parts back to a place, run it through the tap water a few times to ensure all the solution is cleaned.

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How to Clean the Water Flosser Tips?

To clean the Waterpik water flosser tips, press the Tip Eject button located on the flosser tip. This will efficiently remove the tip from the rest of the assembly.

Next, use a diluted vinegar and water solution, and soak the tip into the solution for at least 5 minutes. A solution of hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a cleaning agent.

If there is any hard filth on the flosser tip, like mold formation, you may want to use a brush to scrape it clean. For the last step, rinse the tip with warm water thoroughly to remove any cleaning solution.

Benefits of using Waterpik Water Flosser

If you have invested in a Waterpik water flosser, you may be someone who takes good care of your dental health. According to dentists, flossing with a Waterpik can be even more helpful than flossing the old way. Here are a few benefits you and your family can share by using a water flosser with individual tips for each:

  • It promotes improved gum and tooth health
  • Using a Waterpik is a much simpler way to floss regularly
  • If you have braces or implants, flossing is made easy with a water flosser
  • It assists you to attain white teeth and clean breath
  • Waterpik cleans more deeply

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Can you share a Waterpik water flosser or not is something most people who use a Waterpik ask their dental advisors.

To simply put it, yes, you can share the Waterpik water flosser with your partner or other members of the family, but each waterpik user must use their own flosser tip. Flosser tips should never be shared and should be cleaned and replaced periodically.