Can You Bring Electric Toothbrush On Plane?

By | December 16, 2022

Maintaining hygiene can become difficult when you are outside or traveling. When you are packing, there will be doubts if you should take any particular item or leave them out. Since you are traveling, oral hygiene is of utmost importance, and carrying an electric toothbrush is more than just convenient; it is easy to carry. Read on to find out if you can bring electric toothbrush on plane.

Can you bring electric toothbrush on plane?

Yes, you can bring your electric toothbrush on the plane. Electric toothbrushes are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage while traveling by airplane. They should be brought on board in your carry-on baggage since they contain lithium batteries and might explode in the cargo hold.

Since the battery is not exposed, there is practically little risk that the battery would short-circuit when the electric toothbrush is transported on an aircraft when it is packed in a carry-on. Batteries and other portable power sources’ major risk is that they will start a fire or smoke. Because of this, airport security may be quite severe when it comes to batteries and electronic equipment.

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Can you take electric toothbrush in hand Luggage?

Yes, you can bring your electric toothbrush on the plane. While going through airport security, there won’t be any need to remove the electric brush and put it on a tray. This is also a great option to prevent damage during the journey if the electric toothbrush is kept in a traveling case or bag.

In addition, if the battery, which is considered the main reason, is properly secured into the electric toothbrush, then there is little to zero chance of overheating or shorting. In many cases, the checked bags get lost or stolen, so in that case, carrying the electric toothbrush in hand luggage is more convenient and safer.

Can you take toothpaste in hand luggage?

Yes, you take toothpaste in hand luggage. Small toothpaste tubes of 100 ml aren’t restricted and you won’t even need the large tubes, which will do perfectly well in the checked bags. You can also carry some in a small, screw-top plastic container.

Can you pack an electric toothbrush in checked luggage?

Yes, you can pack an electric toothbrush in checked luggage. To ensure that your toothbrush remains in good working condition during the travel, there may be a few considerations you should bear in mind. Make sure to put your electric toothbrush inside a bag or case first as a precaution. This will lower the chance of it being harmed during transportation. Also, remove the batteries from the device if you can before packing it.

This will lessen the chance that the brush may accidentally activate while moving around in your baggage. Before putting the brush away, check to see that the head is firmly fastened to the handle.

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What type of batteries do electric toothbrushes use?

Old electric toothbrushes have NiMh batteries. New models since 5 years ago have Lithium Ion batteries. This is true for Oral B, Philips, and other brands. The rechargeable lithium or nickel metal hydride batteries are used in permanent battery brushes, which means they can be pricey but last for an extended period of time. The batteries are enclosed, so there are fewer chances of damage by water.

How should I pack my electric toothbrush before traveling?

The best way to pack your electric toothbrush is to take out the brush head and put it in a transparent quart-sized bag. It will enable TSA personnel to view the item quickly without having to unzip the hand luggage and dig around inside. You can also get a travel cap just to store the brush head separately and the outer case with your other belongings.

How many electric toothbrushes can I take on a plane?

TSA made the clarification that there are no restrictions on quantity, but it would be best to stay clear from bringing as many as you want. The number of lithium-ion batteries carried by a single traveler has been limited. So, making the full count when you are carrying more than one can be quite difficult.

Even so, it’s always best to check with the airlines to verify if you can carry more than one electric toothbrush.

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If you were confused about whether you could carry an electric brush on a plane, now you know that you are allowed to carry them in your hand luggage and checked bags. If you carry it in your hand luggage, make sure to separate the brush head. If you choose checked luggage, keep the electric brush in an enclosed space or case.