Can I Take My Waterpik on the Plane?

By Ted Gerner | December 16, 2022

Many people are always concerned about their hygiene; just because you are traveling does not mean you cannot maintain it. Because of many different answers from people, travelers need clarification about whether they can take their Waterpik on the plane or not.

So, let’s get deeper if you can carry your Waterpik while traveling by air.

Are Waterpiks Allowed On Planes?

Yes, Waterpiks are allowed on planes. You can carry them like one of your items in your carry-on bags or even checked bags.

Just make sure to remove the liquid from your Waterpik tank because it can leak out and get all over the content of your bag.

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Are You Allowed To Take A Water Flosser Through Security?

Yes, you may bring a water flosser through security. This is another question of concern for many travelers. If you’re going on a long trip and the water flosser is medically recommended, you should carry it.

However, the water flosser must be empty, and then you are good to go.

Can You Take A Waterpik Water Flosser In Hand Luggage?

Yes, you can take a Waterpik water flosser in your hand luggage. Again, carrying an empty Waterpik water flosser would be best to prevent running into a messy situation.

If your water flosser is powered by lithium-ion batteries, carrying it in hand luggage would be the safer option over checked bags.

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Can You Take A Waterpik Water Flosser In Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can take a Waterpik water flosser in checked luggage. While you do that, it is advisable to carry an empty Waterpik water flosser because the luggage will get knocked around. As a result, water will leak out and saturate your luggage’s contents.

Also, if you have a portable Waterpik powered by lithium-ion batteries, it is strongly advised not to carry the device in your checked luggage.

Can You Use A Water Flosser During The Flight?

Yes, you can use a water flosser during the flight, but only if necessary. Only in the restroom before boarding the plane is it permitted to use the water flosser. You can purchase a bottle of water to fill the flosser after you pass through TSA screening. But before you leave, be sure to drain all the water.

Using a water flosser can be difficult because of unsteady movements throughout the journey. Water flossers should not be used at your seat at all costs.

If you are on a long flight and urgently need the water flosser, then you can use it in the airplane lavatory. Before getting on the plane, carry a bottle of water or get it on the plane to fill the flosser. After usage, make sure to empty it before returning to the seat, or else the water will leak out once you are seated.

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After reading through, now, your doubts and confusion on the question of whether you can carry your Waterpik on the plane have been cleared.

If you are carrying the Waterpik in hand or checked luggage, always ensure the Waterpik water flosser is completely drained out and empty.