Panasonic Water Flosser Reviews (Updated Nov 2022)

By | November 28, 2022

Innovative ultrasonic technology, intelligent design, and efficient flossing-session: these 3 are the main factors you can get from Panasonic water flosser. Not only can the device help shoo away the thick layers of plaque and debris but gently deal with sensitives too.

Regardless of the models, the brand has won many users’ hearts with each water flosser’s performance. So, if you are hunting for one, then we suggest you dive into the writing.

We have reviewed all 4 Panasonic water flossers available for purchase in 2022 and highlighted all the factors you should consider.

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Panasonic EW-DJ10-W Cordless Dental Water Flosser

Panasonic DJ10-W Cordless Dental Water Flosser, Dual-speed Pulse Oral Irrigator, Collapsible, Design For Travel, EW-DJ10-WCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Being an extremely easy to carry water flosser, the Panasonic EW-DJ10-W has impressed lots of its users. It comes with a collapsible body that is innovative and convenient. For this, you can fit it in your luggage or bags with ease.

Not just that, the device is cordless, so you can use it anywhere independently. It runs through two AA batteries and does not require any charging. With fresh batteries, it can deliver plenty of power.

Moreover, the Panasonic oral irrigator uses targeted jets of water. This helps the device deeply reach problematic areas and easily remove bacteria, plaque, and food debris. As a result, you can have healthy gums and teeth.

You will also find it one of the most efficient Panasonic water flossers due to its pulse cleaning action. As for the pulse speed settings, this model has two. One is a low speed that can be excellent for the sensitive gums to give them a gentle cleaning. Another one is normal and can be terrific for regular cleaning while operating at 1400 water pulses a minute.

The Panasonic water flosser has a 5.5-ounce water tank too, that you can quickly fill. It can let you floss for a more extended period while delivering up to 40 seconds of flossing-operation.

Besides, you will love the water flosser’s waterproof design too. You can wash and rinse all the parts effortlessly, and it will not damage the device.

However, the Panasonic oral irrigator can drain the battery quickly that can be a small issue. Plus, you may find it a tad bulky, but that is just a minor downside.


  • Collapsible design for easy portability and storage.
  • Cordless
  • Requires no charging.
  • Reaches complex areas to take out debris.
  • Quick flossing action.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • Waterproof, hence easy to clean.
  • Great for sensitive gums.


  • Drains the battery fast.
  • A tad bulky.

Panasonic EW1213A Professional Portable Water Flosser

Panasonic Professional Water Flosser for Braces, 2-in-1 Cordless, Portable Oral Irrigator with Water Jet Nozzle & Tuft Brush, EW1213ACHECK CURRENT PRICE

Are your teeth wearing braces? Then Panasonic EW1213A can be an excellent pick for you. This Panasonic oral irrigator is typically a 2-in-1 device with two heads: Turf brush and water jet nozzle.

The tuft brush works to thoroughly take out sticky foods like bread. Meanwhile, the water jet nozzle washes different types of debris away with its gentle yet powerful water-flow.

Moreover, you will find three modes in the Panasonic cordless water flosser. One is the Jet mode that takes out the food debris trapped in between your teeth. Another one is the Soft Air-in mode that massages the gums gently. The last one is the Regular Air-in mode that uses robust and aerated pulse action to take out the food debris while massaging and rinsing your gums and teeth.

Besides, the Panasonic oral irrigator boasts a 4.4-ounce water tank that will give you 35-second runtime between refilling. Although you may find the tank size slightly smaller, it does the job incredibly.

As for the design, the device is cordless and uses a built-in rechargeable battery to operate. You will get a charging cradle that charges the battery quickly and easily. The battery may last 15 minutes for each charge for the runtime, which is pretty long.

Plus, it has waterproof traits. You can detach the water tank and wash all the parts with ease. Not just that, the heads are detachable too to store the device easily in your bag.

The bulk size can be a small hassle, but it is easy to grip thanks to the smart design.


  • Easy-detachable heads and water tank.
  • Quick aerated pulse cleaning action.
  • Three modes.
  • Includes two heads: Tuft brush and Water jet nozzle.
  • Waterproof, hence easy to clean.
  • Reaches complex areas to take out debris while massaging the gums and teeth.
  • Cordless with longer runtime.
  • Great for braces.


  • Slightly small water-tank.
  • A tad bulky.

Panasonic EW1511W Professional Cordless Water Flosser

Panasonic EW1511W Professional Cordless Water FlosserCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Panasonic EW1511W water flosser gives nothing but one of the best flossing performances. It boasts 5 settings to provide you 5 kinds of oral care. These include teeth surface cleaning, interdental cleaning, periodontal pocket cleaning, orthodontic appliance care, and gum care. Regardless of the type, the device has the skill to safely reach the areas and cleanse them in a minute.

The attractive feature of the Panasonic waterpik is its cutting-edge ultrasonic water-jet technology. It delivers continuous power of up to 1600 ultrasonic water-pulses a minute. With this, the device produces thousands of accelerated micro-bubbles bursting on contact with periodontal pockets, gums, and teeth. And consequently, it can benefit you with the break-up of food debris and them getting thoroughly rinsed out.

Besides outstanding performance, it is one of the best Panasonic oral irrigators for its longer runtime and quick charge-time. Coming cordless, the device uses an in-built rechargeable battery that is enough to last two weeks. And even if it runs out of juice, it may take around a short hour to charge completely.

The device includes a decent 6.80-ounce water tank. It can be sufficient to deliver 60 seconds of flossing-session each fill.

Plus, you will get two effortlessly rotatable and specially tapered nozzles with EW1511W. As it changes the direction of water, it can reach problematic areas and cleanse them. Below the nozzle has a sleek body that features touch controls and an LED display showing water-jet strength. Because the device is very light, you can carry it conveniently as well.

Not just that, the brand has made the Panasonic water flosser waterproof to give you easy cleaning benefits.

However, some of you may find the pressure a little on the softer side. Plus, it can be slightly leaky and messy too. With that being said, the EW1511W promises efficient flossing-session.


  • 5 kinds of oral care with 5 programs.
  • Ultrasonic technology for efficient performance.
  • Longer runtime
  • Quicker charge-time.
  • Waterproof design, hence easy to clean.
  • Comes with two rotatable nozzles.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Reaches complex areas to take out debris


  • Slightly leaky and messy.
  • Pressure might be on the softer side.

Panasonic EW1611W Countertop Water Flosser

Panasonic Countertop Water Flosser Oral Irrigator, Ultrasonic Waterjet Technology, 10 Speed Pressure Settings, 20-Ounce Water Reservoir, EW1611WCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The EW1611W is another amazing Panasonic countertop water flosser that you must have. It features 10 power settings to let you adjust the water pressure level for different sensitivities while promising optimal performance. Going higher can be great for taking out deep-rooted debris as well as for normal sensitives. Contrariwise, going lower will help you gently clean the most sensitive gums and teeth.

This Panasonic EW1611W oral irrigator boasts Ultrasonic technology in the waterjet nozzle that delivers the power of up to 1900 ultrasonic water-pulses a minute. Using this tech accelerates water-flow for producing thousands of micro-bubbles. As they burst into contact with gums and teeth, it breaks up the debris and washes them away. As a result, you are left with a completely healthy mouth.

Moreover, the brand has designed it with a magnetized storage port and nozzle handle so you can store the water flosser conveniently. Plus, the nozzle comes with a 1.5-feet coiled hose that is smoothly retractable into the base for neat storage. However, a small con here is that you may find the hose a tad short.

The water tank is big enough to hold around 20-ounce water that you can fill quickly. To add more, Panasonic has designed the reservoir dishwasher safe to help in maintaining clog-less operation. You will just need to keep in mind that other parts are not labeled as dishwasher safe.

However, the water flosser is easy to clean. You will just need to wipe the device with a soft, clean cloth and let it dry.

Not just that, EW1611W is convenient for its dual power-cord outlet too. With this, you can extend the cord from the right or left to charge it up.

Albeit the water flosser is a little noisy, it can impress you with its outstanding result in a week.


  • 10 power settings
  • Ultrasonic technology for efficient performance.
  • Reaches complex areas to take out debris
  • Smoothly retractable hose.
  • Magnetized storage port and nozzle handle for neat storage.
  • Dishwasher safe water tank.
  • Easy to wipe.
  • Quick flossing session.


  • Short coiled hose.
  • Slightly loud.

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Panasonic Water Flosser Buying Guide

Several kinds of water flossers are there on the market. Two are the commonest: One is corded, and another is cordless.

Corded or Countertop

Corded water flossers would sit on a countertop near to a socket while you floss. As the flosser comes powered by electricity, it boasts a cord. For instance, EW1611W is one of the countertop Panasonic oral irrigators.

It is generally more potent than other varieties owing to its power. Depending on the model, the oral irrigator can feature up to 10 water pressure levels.

Both the device and its water tank will come big in size. Because of the large tank, you do not need to re-fill it often in the middle. Moreover, such tank size can provide beyond 90 seconds of water flossing time.

The main benefit of a corded oral irrigator is its runtime. Even if it is powered by a battery, it can last up to a week. However, there is a hassle too. And that is a majority of the devices boast shorter length cord. As a result, it can limit convenience a little. Besides, countertop devices are not portable too.

Cordless or Portable

Cordless oral irrigators are battery-operated, and there will not be any cords. The devices are typically slim, compact as well as lightweight. So they can be super-easy to carry. If you are a traveler, a cordless water flosser can be an ideal pick. For instance, EW1511W is one of the cordless Panasonic oral irrigators.

In general, these come with fewer features and settings. You may find it possessing 3 to 5 pressure settings. Such devices can be an excellent pick for personal use.

Because the cordless ones come small, you will find the tank size small too. It can last up to 2 sessions, with each offering a flossing time of up to 60 seconds. Albeit refilling can be a hassle, it is easy to do.

Moreover, these devices have waterproof protection. So you can clean them easily without damaging them.

However, some cordless models may not have longer runtime to offer, which can be a minor con.


Portability is typically synonymous with cordless devices. Because they are powered by batteries, you can enjoy their portability. And as we have already mentioned, cordless Panasonic oral irrigators can make a perfect pick for someone who travels a lot.

Besides, the water flossers should not be hefty and bulky. Otherwise, you will find them cumbersome and exhausting to use.

Not just that, the batteries’ weight is also an essential factor. They should be easy to carry. Also, ensure they offer a long runtime and multiple uses on a single charge.

Water Tank Size

The water reservoir size can depend on the type and design of the flosser. The reservoir of countertop devices can hold up to 20 ounces, while you can fill the water with up to 7 ounces in the cordless ones.

Let us highlight a general guideline of flossing time per reservoir capacity so you can understand more easily.

Reservoir capacity Flossing-time in seconds
5 ounces (150ml) More than 30 seconds
7 ounces (210ml) More than 45 seconds
15 ounces (450ml) More than 60 seconds
22-35 ounces (650ml-1000ml) More than 90 seconds


Adjustable Pressure Settings

Water pressure settings simply let you adjust the force of the water spray that the Panasonic oral irrigator generates. Depending on the model type, a cordless water flosser can feature up to 3 pressure settings. Contrariwise, countertop oral irrigators can boast up to 10 settings.

If you are new to using such flossers, then it will be wise to start low. Later, you can level it up gradually according to your preferences.

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic technology is a groundbreaking feature that some Panasonic oral irrigators possess.

The device uses this technology and forms micro-bubbles inside the water jet and shock waves that explode once in contact with periodontal pockets, gums, and teeth. As a result, it creates a stronger impact force and multiplies the power of cleaning.

Typically, the ultrasonic water flow will feature a pump frequency at 1900 pulses a minute. This power delivery is valid for the highest water-jet level, i.e., level 10.

If you want a device for interdental cleaning, gum care, and periodontal pocket cleaning, check if it incorporates this technology.

Pulse Cleaning Action

The majority of the Panasonic oral irrigators feature dual-speed pulses to give pulse cleaning action. One is the Jet setting that takes out the food debris and plaque trapped in between your teeth. Another one is the Air-in setting, which has two modes. Regular and Soft.

The regular mode uses intense, aerated pulse action to remove the debris while massaging and rinsing your gums and teeth. And Soft mode helps massage the gums gently.

Not just that, these cleansing pulses stimulate the gums, too, which help amplify the circulation and strengthen them.

Different Tips and Nozzles

If you seek a device that your family members can use, then ensure getting one that includes extra tips or nozzles. Some brands make them color-coded for easy identification.

If you are looking for personal use, you can go with a device that includes various tips. Each of the types has been specially designed for different purposes. Let’s talk about them.

Types of tips Uses
Regular jet General use. Ideal for regular flossing and hygiene
Toothbrush General use. ideal for regular brushing combined with flossing
Orthodontic Ideal for braces or brackets as well as permanent retainers
Periodontal Ideal for cleaning periodontal pockets and beneath the gum-line.
Restorative Ideal for dental work such as crowns, implants, and bridges,
Tongue-cleaning Ideal for cleaning remaining foodstuff and bacteria from the tongue
Nasal Ideal for sinus irrigation.

However, do not forget to replace the tips every 3-6 months, regardless of the model.

Adjustable or Rotatable Nozzle

Many water flossers have a rotatable base that holds the tip. With this, you can conveniently position the tip and reach all parts of your mouth. It will be great if you purchase a device featuring a nozzle that can rotate 360 degrees.

Noise Levels

Nobody would ever want to have a noisy water flosser. It can be annoying and ruin your morning peace too.

The good news is that most of the devices offer a silent range to get a calm flossing session. Generally, it can range from 55 decibels to 70 decibels from 6-foot away.

Internal or Removable Batteries

All the Panasonic water flossers that are cordless would need batteries to be internal or removable. Some models feature AA replaceable batteries, while some incorporate in-built rechargeable batteries.

For travel and international use, go with replaceable batteries as they are easy to carry and require no charging. If you want to enjoy multiple uses on a single charge, then buy one with rechargeable batteries.


The warranty period can vary from one producer to the other. As for Panasonic, the brand generally can offer a 2-year warranty for their water flosser models. However, it is still better to check the information before getting the device.


You must always keep in mind that just because some Panasonic models are high-end, they would be the best in the market. So, you do not need to go over the budget to have the best water flosser.

The big plus is that the brand has several devices that are reasonable despite the features. However, if you want to get the perfect one, it will be wise to note down the features you need most. Then, buy one that matches them. Doing it can help you save quite a lot of bucks too.

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Water flossing can effectively help take out the stubbornest food debris and plaque stuck between your teeth. To increase your teeth, gum, and dental health, purchasing a water flosser is a must. It enables the teeth and gums to grow stronger but reduces the chance of gingivitis or gums inflammation.

For this, you can certainly try these flossers from Panasonic. The features that they offer will fulfill your flossing requirement in every bit. As they come with various essential features like an adjustable nozzle, removable batteries, adjustable pressure settings, ultrasonic technology, etc., you can simply choose the one you need and keep your mouth clean.

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