Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6732 vs HealthyWhite Premium Edition HX6733

philips sonicare hx6733 vs 6732 1Sometimes it is quite hard to quickly understand the differences between similarly sounding Philips electric toothbrush names. Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite and Premium Edition of HealthyWhite is exactly this case.

It took me some time to dig thru the specs of these products and find the differences. And here is what I have found out.

Regular HealthyWhite and Premium Edition is basically the same product (the same toothbrush) but the Premium Edition includes several additional accessories and the most important difference – Premium Edition includes 2 toothbrush handles.

Regular HealthyWhite HX6732 box contents

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6732 1

Here is what is included in regular product, the HealthyWhite HX6732, set:

  • 1 Sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush (manufacturer code R732)
  • 2 ProResults brush heads (one ProResults HX6023 Brush Head Compact and one ProResults HX6013 Brush Head Standard)
  • deluxe charger with cord wrap
  • brush head storage
  • 2 hygienic travel caps
  • 1 travel case

Healthy White Premium Edition HX6733 box contents

Sonicare HealthyWhite Premium Edition

  • 2 Sonicare Healthy White toothbrushes (manufacturer code R732)
  • 2 ProResults Standard HX6013 brushheads
  • 1 Philips Sonicare HX6003/80 HydroClean Brush Heads
  • UV Sanitizer with Integrated Charger
  • 1 travel charger
  • 2 travel cases

So you can see the main difference between these two products is that Premium Edition is better suited for couples. It has two toothbrushes with two travel cases and UV sanitizer with built-in travel charger instead of regular charger. There are also different brush heads included but this is not a game changer as you will replace the them in 3 months anyway.

Philips Sonicare HX6733 vs HX6732 – which one should you chose?

Answer is simple. Get the Premium Edition only if you need toothbrushes for two persons – either for you and your partner, or for your kids (or rather teens because this toothbrush can be a bit too advanced for kids use).

Model name
Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Premium Edition
Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite
Model number HX6733 / R732HX6732 / R732
Toothbrushes2 units1 unit
Quadpacer timerYesYes
Brushing modes3 (Clean, Sensitive, Clean and White)3 (Clean, Sensitive, Clean and White)
Included Brush Heads2 Standard ProResults + HydroClean1 Standard ProResults
UV SanitizerYesNo
Charger typeRegular chargerRegular charger
Travel ChargerRegular travel chargerRegular travel charger
List Price$299.99$139.99
Sales price$169.99*$99.99*
Brush head price$20.00* (3-pack)$20.00* (3-pack)

Interested in more advanced toothbrush?

Another alternative to this toothbrush is the DiamondClean brush , so I have also compared these brushes in article about DiamondClean vs Healthy White. There is also an older version of Healthy White toothbrush with couple of differences.